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Authorize AG-Pro with your AG-Online account Article rated 5.0/5.0
ArcGIS-Pro has 3 types of licensing : 1 - Concurrent Use : Online licensing from a server ; only within WURnet , at campus or via VPN. This is the preferred method for Wageningen-Research employees. Server name WR: scomp0517 Server name WU: scom...
Obtaining an ArcGIS-Online account for WU / WR Article rated 3.3/5.0
Obtaining an ArcGIS-Online (AGO) account for WU & WR WR-employees :Please contact GeoDesk !At th
Enabling notebooks on ArcGIS online (interactive python) Article not rated yet
login to with account WU-GIRS-AGOfO go to "Members" select the member that needs notebook functionality change role of the member from "Publisher" to "Publisher+Notebooks Standard" To check if it works, login to AGO, goto "Notebook" ta...

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