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Authorize AG-Pro with your AG-Online account


ArcGIS-Pro has 3 types of licensing :

1 - Concurrent Use :

Online licensing from a server ; only within WURnet , at campus or via VPN.

This is the preferred method for Wageningen-Research employees.

Server name WR: scomp0517

Server name WU: scomp0523

2 - Single Use :

A license (file) is installed on your laptop/pc. This works also in offline situations.

Contact GeoDesk when you really need this.

3 - Named User :

Connects to your ArcGIS-Online account which authorizes AG-Pro usage.
You can use AG-Pro on multiple (3?) computers (simultaneously).

This is the default licensing type, and preferred for Wageningen University students and employees.

Setting up the link between AG-Pro and AG-Online can be unclear and complicated,
and differs between student and employee accounts.

A major difference is that employees have an (by GeoDesk created) AGO-account with a password.
Students do (automatically) create AGO-account without password.
Logging on for students is dedicated by AGO to WUR.

( More about the AGO-accounts : Obtaining an ArcGIS-Online account for WU / WR )

The process of setting up this "named user license" for students is explained
and illustrated with some screen-images in attached .pdf-document ...


July 2021
Rvz / GeoDesk


AGP-AGO-Login-Students.pdf AGP-AGO-Login-Students.pdf

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