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ArcGIS Desktop | ArcGIS Pro | QGIS #SN


ArcGIS Desktop | ArcGIS Pro | QGIS

For GIS at WUR we use mainly ArcGIS (commercial software) and QGIS (free open source software)


For QGIS see:
and : (also to download software)

GeoDesk offers growing support for QGIS.

We provide the most recent Long Term Release (LTR) via Software Center.


ArcGIS is a container name for a very broad line of products from ESRI
( client and server software, cloud services, portals … )
For an introduction see :
and :
and :
and much more …
( Note that the naming of ESRI's ArcGIS (sub)products is quite confusing and inconsistent )

GeoDesk offers and supports ArcGIS for laptop and pc in 2 flavors :

- ArcGIS-Desktop : classic/old product-line

The main applications are ArcMap and ArcCatalog
Current versions : 10.x ( 10.6 - 10.8 )
Software for Windows, 32-bits.

- ArcGIS-Pro : a modern/new GIS-product-line, new userinterface.

Just one application for Mapping (2D), Scenery (3D), Catalog, GeoProcessing, ...
Current versions : 2.x ( 2.9.3 ) and 3.x ( 3.0.2 )
Software for Windows, 64 bits.

Also available : ArcGIS Online , a (cloud) internet portal for map-/app-/data-sharing

Availability of ArcGIS for Wageningen Research and University is different !

- WU has a yearly contract which offers almost anything, unlimited and up-to-date.

Free to use, but ! not for commercial purposes , study/education/research only !

- WR has a limited contract for ArcGIS Pro and Online for some users.

There is no WR-wide maintenance contract for ArcGIS Desktop. You can keep using this software, but there will be no updates. 

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