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Obtaining an ArcGIS-Online account for WU / WR


Obtaining an ArcGIS-Online (AGO) account for WU & WR

WR-employees :
Please contact GeoDesk !
At this moment free accounts are not available for WR.

WU-employees, including PhD “students” :
Send your request to GeoDesk, including your WUR-code (like ‘Bond007’).
We will prepare an account like ‘Bond007ago’
and ESRI will invite you to join and set a password.

Bachelor and Master students :
You initiate your AGO-account yourself ...
Login to
Follow: Enterprise Login >> Wageningen University Students  and  use your WUR-account/password.
At first login an account will be created, with a username like ‘Bond007_wur_girs’.
In your account profile, please make some adjustments to your name as it is displayed.
A profile photo or image would be nice !

Note 1 : All URLs (for WU-AGO) start with ‘wur-girs’ prior to ‘’
Keep this in mind, because in some occassions you must fill in this prefix.

Note 2 : Some “old” students may have an account like employees.
Please keep using this one, otherwise you will have two different accounts.

Note 3 : When applied from a WUR-pc/laptop the Enterprise Login (for students) will automatically use the WUR-account of the current Windows-user.

Note 4 : As of today (2019-09-06) all new AGO-WU accounts will default have licenses assigned for ArcGIS-Pro and Insights.

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