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Obtaining ArcGIS-Pro on a private pc/laptop


Obtaining, installing and authorizing ArcGIS-Pro on a private pc/laptop

Download :
ArcGIS-Pro (AGP) software components can be downloaded from HERE
Note that AGP is intended for the Windows platform !

Install :  (see notes 1 & 2)
First, the core AG-Pro should be installed.
Afterwards, optional, install the Data Interoperability extension
and/or the Documentation = Local HELP (alternative to Online HELP)
Also a "patch" may be present to update the installation (optional).
We will try to keep up with the latest patch-version,
but the AGP-software is capable of updating itself ...

Authorize , step AGO-account :  (see note 3)
To use the software you will need a “named user license” for AGP.
This license is assigned to your (WUR) ArcGIS Online (AGO) account.
Follow THESE STEPS to obtain a WUR related AGO-account (if you don’t have it yet).

Authorize , step AGP-license :  (see note 3)
Next you should request for an AGP license to be assigned to your AGO-account (if not done before).
Do so by submitting a ticket on
When filling in the form, enter your WUR username (e.g. Bond007)
in the field "WUR Inlognaam", so we have the key to your AGO-account.

The subject could be: "ArcGIS Pro license request"
Suggestions for your request text :
    "I am in course [WUR course name/code].
Please assign an AGP license to [your AGO-username]"
    “I need to create maps and do gis-analyses for my thesis/research.
    Please assign an AGP license to [your AGO-username]”
Then submit the ticket; GeoDesk will process it as soon as possible.

Note 1: ESRI documentation : Get started with ArcGIS Pro

Note 2: Some ESRI information to use AGP on a Mac.

Note 3: (most) WR-employees should use another type of licensing, please contact GeoDesk.

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